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For the artist pondering the toothpaste squeeze 12 years of
Daily life, we often encounter can not squeeze toothpaste used to throw away the phenomenon. In order to toothpaste "eat dry pressing to do," Town of Zhou Renxiang concentrated Dingyuan even 12 years, invented a plastic tube packaging saving cream head, this head can be packaged with the last point by folding toothpaste squeezed out . Reporters learned that Zhou Renxiang this was a local painter, but he was in love with the invention, the last 20 years won three patents.

Toothpaste 12 years studying the "squeeze"

Finally, squeeze the toothpaste used to throw away the case, everyone could met. That we used to, but he has attracted the attention Zhou Renxiang: about 0.4 yuan each toothpaste paste waste, there are 10 million people toothpaste consumers, only the total annual economic loss of about 10 million. Not just toothpaste, paste type composite tube packaging a wide range of products, especially pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, these products are discarded in the residual waste management body does not say, because they contain many chemicals, abandoned, on the environment caused pollution.

Reporters noted that Zhou Renxiang invention, and commonly used toothpaste tube packaging plastic head and less obvious difference: a circular seal of toothpaste into a trapezoidal plastic plate, and add some extensions on both sides of the room with folding. This seemingly simple innovation has spent Zhou Renxiang 12 years.

Zhouren Xiang told reporters that he had invented the idea of ​​long, spare time he would write on paper drawing, design drawings, has denied the seven designs. In 2006, he was painting, folding non-woven fabrics to produce a perspective effect of the method of painting what had inspired him. "Folded layers with thickness and is also very particular," said Zhou Renxiang, 100 grams, 140 grams, 180 grams of toothpaste tubes and folded in different packaging with matching data to be calculated based on accurate, so as to ensure that neither waste packaging materials, space and the tube can just paste all the discharge.

Words and deeds of rules determined inventor remonstrance

Paste in the study of saving, while the first plastic tube packaging, Zhou Renxiang also found a problem: such as toothpaste packaging, which indicates a net content 140 grams, in fact, consumers can not use enough, Zhou Renxiang this issue reflected in the Chinese Institute of Metrology, the proposed Can use "the available amount" of the concept. This proposal was quickly China Institute of Metrology response: "the available amount of" net content statements than in standard, the comments will feed into this industry, to promote its language specification.

In Dingyuan, Zhou Renxiang familiar to people as a painter. Welcome the return of Macao in 1999, when Zhou Renxiang after more than three months to draw up a 10 meters long, 3.2 meters wide and large-scale painting, "Rui Lianyan sub homing map", won the local cultural recognition. But compared to painting as a job, "love pondering" the invention of the Zhou Renxiang obviously love. The past 20 years, Zhou Renxiang a total of three inventions, including environmentally friendly multi-bin, and no air resistance off automatically start dual rear view image display, are obtained national patent.

"The invention of automobile rear-view mirror is to conservation, environmental protection, reduce energy consumption, it's a good market prospects," Zhou Renxiang confident of their own invention, he said he was from Anhui, hoping that their invention can be transformed in local enterprises for conservation-oriented society to contribute their part.
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