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China's packaging machinery manufacturing industry of the ro
With the world economy from the industrial age to the knowledge economy era of change, resource and labor as the main mode of production can not meet existing production-oriented business development and market demand, so companies need to adopt a higher level of technology of advanced automation production equipment to meet the sustainable development of enterprises and markets. This production-oriented enterprises to the urgent need for automated packaging machinery will be prominent, but the domestic packaging machinery industry is relatively undeveloped status has exacerbated the supply and demand, which resulted in a vicious circle. Although China's packaging machinery industry is not standing still, but only as soon as possible to technological innovation, close to the user, instead of operating independently developed and introduced blindly imitate the traditional model, in order to make China's packaging industry and the market's healthy development, and as soon as possible to catch up on the world advanced level.
Advanced packaging equipment suppliers have poured into China's various production sectors, and is still expanding into their products with reliable stability and user-friendly design, high-tech features such as conquering a lot of business. Briefly enumerate about whether the boss in the dairy, "Mengniu", "Erie", beverage giant "Huiyuan", "wow ha ha", or on behalf of "Jahwa" have introduced a large number of imported automatic packaging production line, resulting in domestic packaging machinery can take a back seat or become affiliated support. So we have to ask for the status quo: the level of packaging machinery in China and the world advanced level, where is, how to catch up?

Emphasis on independent research and development

From the perspective of the current technical level, because of China's packaging machinery industry started relatively late, there is no better processing technologies, and supporting industry support, it has been followed the way of imitation of foreign advanced equipment, the lack of innovation, many of the domestic production of equipment or the use of foreign technology is relatively backward. To the frequently-used cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, hose filling machine, for example, more domestic manufacturers of packaging machinery equipment are to imitate the Swedish KALIX low-speed devices, either way the structure and configuration framework or filling almost all KALIX exactly the same equipment. Under the same conditions of use, although able to meet normal production needs, but the accuracy of the equipment, quality and stability of the equipment or with foreign countries on a clear gap.

At the same time due to lack of sufficient attention to research and innovation and investment, resulting in domestic enterprises are still unable to produce a high degree of automation, high-speed equipment, foreign manufacturers can not catch up with the pace of innovation. Of course, China's packaging machinery industry also has a lot of its own advantages: First, more flexible design ideas are not as foreign as cured, according to the specific needs of different users personal design; Secondly, domestic customers with the close proximity of the space, you can use more kinds of sources to understand the actual production equipment problems, timely resolution, and will use this experience to develop new equipment manufacturing them; third, the equipment manufacture, testing cycles are shorter than abroad, and has a low cost, maintenance resources plenty of features. According to the above advantages, China's packaging machinery industry to exceed and do not abandon the introduction and absorption, based on the full attention of the equipment R & D and innovation, to better products, more thoughtful design, more adequate facilities and more sophisticated manufacturing, to move the domestic and international customers.

Manufacturing should strive for excellence

From the perspective of equipment manufacturers, China's packaging machinery manufacturing precision is not high, the design is also not beautiful. Which was reflected in two aspects: one is not enough precision equipment, processing technology and the other is the uneven level. For example, tablet press, the whole operation panel on the rigor of each punch, consistency will be directly on the tablets the weight and quality of impact, so the precision mold and equipment with a very high overall manufacturing requirements. At present Germany Fette, Bosch's compression equipment in the manufacturing and co-ordination are reflected in its attention to detail and excellence in manufacturing standards, and only such device to provide a guarantee of product quality. In addition, the shape of the design aesthetics are also important in the domestic pharmaceutical development, we can see, although some of the same type of device performance has been superior to domestic advanced equipment, but the design lacks a direct impact on the customer's final choice .
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