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China aluminum foil packaging market situation and developme
Use a wide range of aluminum foil, the experts of different characteristics according to its application, it would be divided into more than 20 varieties. Different countries due to differences in levels of economic development, consumption structure of aluminum foil big gap there. Developed countries in Europe, the aluminum foil packaging products for 70% of total demand. In the Chinese market, aluminum is mainly used as industrial raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and aluminum foil only 30% of total domestic demand. Although the late development of aluminum foil packaging, but the market has grown rapidly, the prospects attention.
Aluminum foil packaging production and development

The development of aluminum production

China aluminum foil production began in 1932, but only until the beginning of reform and opening up and rapid development. After the 1990s, aluminum production has entered an important period, not only to introduce a large number of advanced equipment, production management and technical development levels are gradually moving towards the modernization and internationalization. In this century, driven by strong demand in the market, the rapid increase in aluminum production. China's current total of more than 90 aluminum producers, aluminum foil rolling mill is equipped with 66 modern units, 39 cold rolling mill and a universal platform, aluminum production capacity 500,000 tons / year.

The development of aluminum foil packaging

Aluminum foil packaging began in the early 20th century, when the aluminum foil as the most expensive packaging material, used only for high-grade packaging. In 1911 the Swiss company began using aluminum foil candy wrapper chocolate, and gradually replace the foil and pop up. The success of the United States in 1913 on the basis of aluminum also began producing aluminum foil, mainly for high-end goods, life-saving supplies and chewing gum packaging. 1921 United States successfully developed composite foil paperboard is mainly used for decorative panels and advanced packaging folding cartons. In 1938, the advent of heat-sealable aluminum foil type. During World War II, aluminum foil as a packaging material has been rapid development of the military. 1948 began to use aluminum foil containers forming foods. The 1950s, aluminum foil, aluminum-plastic composite materials began to develop. To 70 years, with the color printing technology matures, aluminum foil and plastic composite packaging into a period of rapid spread.

In the 21st century, market competition and product homogeneity trend, stimulated the rapid development of product packaging. 2002 global packaging market size of over $ 500 billion. The development of basic aluminum foil packaging industry with the synchronization, in the Chinese market, the development of faster and aluminum foil packaging, mainly for two reasons: First, China flexible packaging market development gap with the developed countries significantly, consumer goods and food, the proportion of flexible packaging small, developed countries accounted for more than 65%, and some have been more than 70%, while China accounts for about 15%, rapid increase in the proportion of the last two years; Second, the domestic aluminum-plastic composite, aluminum foil composite technology continues to mature, production costs, aluminum composite material for the packaging market in China, the popularity of the application.

Aluminum foil packaging market status

After nearly a century, has become a major aluminum foil packaging materials, the development of its market area in the United States and Europe mature, but in the Chinese market, there is a vast aluminum foil packaging prospects. Following on the aluminum foil in the flexible packaging market in the main analysis.

Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil

2002, global pharmaceutical packaging industry production value of nearly $ 11 billion, an average growth rate of 4%. China's pharmaceutical packaging market value of approximately $ 1.8 billion, an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. Aluminum foil packaging is mainly used in pharmaceutical blister packaging. Blister packaging film is mainly made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and 0.02mm thick aluminum foil. Medicine blister packaging of tablets and capsules has become the most important packaging. Traditional Chinese Medicine tablet, powder, capsules, tablets balls packaging, is gradually moving from paper bags, simple plastic bags, glass bottles into plastic blister packs. Blister packaging with a moisture-proof, easy to carry, safety and health, etc., with the sustained-release pharmaceutical technology, the market will be more broad. The current annual demand for aluminum foil blister packages of more than 7000 tons in 2005 is expected to exceed 10,000 tons.

Another important market is the aluminum foil is easy to tear film (SP) production, currently there are more than 10 of these production lines, aluminum demand is 3,000 tons / year. Another cream packaging plastic composite tube, liquid, injection cap is aluminum-plastic composite packing aluminum foil two potential consumer market, the current total demand of over 1,000 tons aluminum foil.

The application of aluminum foil in the pharmaceutical industry there is a potential market, that pharmaceutical aseptic packaging. At present, only the individual production of aseptic packaging herbal tea like health drinks, aseptic packaging agent yet developed proprietary. This new area will be an important potential market for flexible packaging foil.

Food packing aluminum foil

China's food industry is in a critical period of vigorous development. The emergence of flexible packaging of food has greatly increased mechanization of food processing, automation, speed up the life of modern people's diet, the process of socialization. In developed countries, food, beverages mainly flexible packaging, flexible packaging and China's development is lagging behind. Aluminum foil for food packaging applications are mainly two kinds: one is the plastic or aluminum foil compound packing; the other is aluminum, plastic, paper, multi-layer packaging, the Tetra Pak. Chinese demand for food flexible packaging foil about 3 million tons / year. The main application areas of foil are: 1) chocolate, candy packaging. Currently, China's chocolate basically use aluminum foil packaging, the market demand as China's chocolate consumption is expanding and growing market. Candy packaging, there are two situations, one is aluminum composite, or aluminum foil compound packing, there is a single use of metallized or plastic packaging; 2) convenience foods, cooked food packaging. Such as instant noodles, food and other local characteristics. With the food business market, increasing demand for this package, growth prospects; 3) dairy products packaging. Basically the current use of plastic composite milk packaging, liquid milk products used mainly carton packaging aluminum foil, large regional differences in China, regional distribution and sales of milk products, unreasonable, to provide a broad foil aseptic packaging market. Meanwhile, the Chinese dairy huge space for development, estimated that by 2005, per capita consumption of dairy products will reach 10 kg, the total output of 13.5 million tons of aluminum demand for dairy packaging to reach 7000 tons / year; 4), tea, coffee, etc. products a considerable part of the use of plastic composite packaging, which is an important market for aluminum foil packaging.

From the market development trend, fresh produce and natural food (drink) product will be an important development in Chinese flexible packaging market. Such as: fruit juice drinks and other beverages in 2005 will reach 22.6 million tons, of which flexible packaging demand in 7000 tons of aluminum foil over, vegetable juice drinks and condiments processing industry in the next five years, will also be a great development, most of these products Good packaging will aluminum foil aseptic packaging.

Composite tube of toothpaste packaging

Aluminum composite hose with excellent barrier properties, corrosion resistance strong and good printability, it is widely used in toothpaste, cosmetics and some industrial products packaging. For toothpaste packaging, plastic composite pipe in 2002 had completely replaced the traditional aluminum packaging. Production of three billion Chinese toothpaste / year, demand for aluminum foil packaging toothpaste 3,000 tons. In addition, aluminum hose in other areas the demand increased to different degrees, such as: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, spices, industrial supplies.

The development prospects of aluminum foil packaging

Aluminum foil packaging and materials development is closely related to advances in composite technology. Composite materials are divided into primary, functional layer and the sealing layer: primary key from the beautiful, printing, moisture barrier and so on; function key from the barrier layer, light and so on; heat sealing layer in direct contact with packaging materials, from the adaptability, resistance to permeability, sealing and other features. With the base material and composite technology, aluminum foil packaging capabilities will continue to improve.

Packaging developments

Packaging industry and the scientific and technological progress and cultural development is an important symbol. Since the 1950s, composite materials led to the rise of the revolutionary packaging, composite materials technology continues to develop, the current emergence of various new composite materials, application of an impact on the aluminum foil. For example: 1) The foil-packaged food is not processed directly by microwave, microwave recent emergence of a high barrier food packaging materials, namely plastic substrate coated with a thin layer of silicon oxide, the material has a high barrier, high microwave permeability and transparency, for high temperature cooking, microwave processing, food packaging, beverage and edible oil can also be used for packaging, but the high cost of production materials, mass production technology is not perfect; 2) nano-packaging materials into rapid development period. Nanotechnology is the youngest of the 21st century, science and technology, the 21st century is also considered the most promising packaging technology. Currently still in development stage nano-packaging, few practical applications.

In addition, the market also appeared on a variety of new concepts of packaging materials, as aluminum foil package with excellent performance and relatively low cost, these new materials do not scale the current market and substantive impact on the foil packaging. However, current and future years, the development of aluminum composite materials is an important trend, it will serve as an alternative to traditional rolling aluminum foil material, instead of aluminum foil materials in some markets.

The development of aluminum packaging

Polyester Film since the 1960s used in the packaging industry, 80 years in North America, Europe, rapid development, China since the early 1990s, the introduction of aluminum packaging, but until recent years been rapid development, plating aluminum packaging industry in China's development in three phases: the first is mainly aluminum tattoo; the second stage as product packaging and flexible packaging; third stage is the inner liner as a cigarette.

As the product packaging and flexible packaging. Aluminum is mainly used in flexible packaging and paper instead of plastic unity, thereby increasing the isolation of the product packaging and visual impact, while some aluminum foil packaging materials to be replaced. With the development of aluminum production, especially in multi-layer composite technology matures, the aluminum material for aluminum foil packaging will have a greater impact.


Aluminum composite materials will be replaced by unity more materials widely used in a variety of flexible packaging. Some of the new concept of packaging materials, aluminum foil application of an impact will occur, but within a period of time and aluminum matrix composites in terms of cost performance on a comparative advantage. Flexible packaging will be replaced by more rigid and semi-rigid container, the market space from the paste, blocks, granules, powder to liquid semi-liquid products, including gas products; from consumer goods to military products. China currently has more than 4,000 flexible packaging business, the composite membrane capacity of 1.5 million tons annual production. With economic development, China will become the world's leading packaging demand-side market. Aluminum foil packaging prospects are bright.
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