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Innovation as a priority of China's pharmaceutical packaging
People rely on clothes, Buddha by Gold, of course, also in terms of pharmaceutical packaging has a pivotal position, both to ensure the quality of medicines from being damaged or from the terms of the overall appearance and other aspects are very important. Therefore, pharmaceutical packaging machinery in such an opportunity will need to be placed under a more important position. In this paper, the situation of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery, briefly described, and made two proposals.

Pharmaceutical packaging machinery for pharmaceutical quality, shelf life, marketing and distribution, use and cost plays a key role in domestic and foreign, especially European and American countries in the region for medicinal research and development of packaging machinery more and more attention. China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery through rapid development in recent years, gone from relying on imports to follow the example of the gradual self-improvement through the process of development today can be said that development of the industry reached a small peak on the road. However, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery from the whole, and the equipment developed there is still a considerable gap between the poor, such as innovation, machine instability, low level of integration of production, from the pharmaceutical industry, the rapid development of industry production there is a gap.

With the national GMP certification for pharmaceutical deepening, GMP requirements for pharmaceutical packaging equipment have more stringent specifications. In order to meet the GMP requirements of the production process, China's pharmaceutical packaging equipment both in the packaging process, or the use of the product material has greatly improved as compared with before. In addition, because electronic information technology, but also to pharmaceutical packaging equipment to automate a major step forward, to realize automation, intelligent production further efforts.

In summary, our pharmaceutical packaging machinery to meet the medical needs of market development but also to strengthen the following aspects:

First, to develop research ideas

Pharmaceutical equipment is a special professional, financial pharmaceutical technology, chemical machinery, refrigeration, automation, packaging machinery, manufacturing processes, welding, automatic control, computer use and other professionals in one. Pharmaceutical R & D equipment, the idea is to make these relevant professional recognition throughout the design process, and is currently engaged in pharmaceutical research and development of personnel and equipment both of which three professional skilled few people, but difficult to single professionals in the R & D into these ideas in the appropriate professional elements. Although post-secondary schools in the pharmaceutical equipment, set up the growing number of professional disciplines, but their professional teaching standards are not satisfactory, there is no basic materials, professional staff in teaching the theory and practical application of standards is not enough skilled. Therefore, in research and development of new products to innovative ideas, to foster multi-disciplinary talent, but also close contact with manufacturers.

Second, innovative design

User-friendly design. User-friendly design is the design process to fully consider the person's physiological and psychological factors, more attention to products, convenience, comfort, reliability, value, safety and efficiency aspects of the evaluation would not have long-term use in the course of the operator resulting in operating discomfort, fatigue and other physical or psychological side effects.

Ergonomics is a comprehensive interdisciplinary, has been widely used in medical product design, product design, pay more attention to human factors, it is to achieve the ultimate goal of "people - products - environment," the harmony and unity. Pharmaceutical packaging equipment as a person in order to reduce the labor intensity of products, should take into account the human factor, and this concept should be run through the mechanical design of every detail. Such as the level of operating table, the rationalization of procedures, user interface visual effects (as fatigue and its degree), operational safety, ease of maintenance, ease of adjustment and so on.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers for drugs due to various factors will be relatively more frequent replacement, a type of packaging equipment can not be used only for the packaging of a product. As different forms of drugs, different characteristics, even if the same packaging technology, will involve a different mold, feeding and other issues in different ways.

Drugs on the market today less packaging equipment compatibility, do not apply to a wide range, usually one of the packaging, even if it can package different drugs, replacement of the mold is not very convenient. If the packaging process of packaging the same or similar mechanical device made of one or several criteria, need to replace parts made of basic units can operate independently of the body, connected through the interface with the host machine to achieve and to make and host a community , in practical applications according to their need for basic unit for their own body on the line combinations. If you can achieve this design, a convenient operator to change the mold, and can greatly reduce waste, while increasing the flexibility and applicability of the machine.
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