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Food and beverage packaging industry is one of the largest p
China's packaging machinery industry started relatively late, after 20 years of development, the machinery industry has become one of the top ten industries for the rapid development of the packaging industry to provide effective protection. Today, China packaging and packaging machinery industry has entered the adjustment of product structure and improve the development capability of the new era. Technology upgrades, new generation of products, management capabilities is the development of packaging machinery industry, an important issue. Overall, however, China's packaging machinery industry, the current development system is still not perfect, precisely because of this, leading to the development of a weak foundation of China's packaging machinery, product quality is not high, quality, safety, technology, efficiency and other aspects are enough in place.

Food and beverage packaging industry is one of the largest packaging machinery market segments. According to industry survey data, food packaging machinery in China there are nearly 6,000 enterprises, most small and medium enterprises. Food packaging machinery industry in China from the second half of 2008, by the international financial crisis, though still maintaining a rising trend contrarian, but the growth slowed down, obviously not as good as in previous years.

Packaging machinery, packaging industry is directly related to the quality of development, poor quality packaging is bound to give adverse consequences. As the very rapid development of food packaging machinery, application of new technologies on the industry, but there are many Chinese companies foundation is weak, technology research and development capabilities can not keep up, unable to meet market demand, leading to the development of easy to break. Industry experts point out that compared with other countries, the current level of China's packaging machinery mainly in the technology gap. Enterprise technical force is itself dependent on the production, so the study are faced with developing technology and research laboratory equipment both restrictions, and a new technology without going through the pre-development research institutes can not be directly applied to the production. Cutting-edge technology development requires both knowledge of the investment also need equipment investment, enterprises are unwilling to invest, research institutions and no power in the long run, will make the international advanced level in China and a growing gap between.

Experts point out that China's packaging machinery for over-reliance on foreign high-end technology, has become a serious constraint on China's packaging equipment industry worries. The whole country is still at a learning stage, the lack of flexibility in the application of experience, therefore, the domestic packaging equipment industry to go the road of independent innovation is inevitable. Chinese enterprises to go look at a new starting point and solve the problem, change the development concept, and enhance market awareness and further improve the processing technology and precision, the appearance of a more perfect and stable manufacturing level quickly catch up with the world advanced level.
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