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China's food and packaging machinery hidden behind the rapid
From the "2010 China Meat construction and process technology development forum" was informed that the past eight years, China's food and packaging machinery manufacturing industry has shown good momentum of development, product sales and other indicators of straight up, the average annual growth rate of 18 percent, according to the rate estimated GDP in 2015 should reach 400 billion yuan.

Face if the high growth rate, and such a huge market, the domestic manufacturers is a "joy", but behind the joy, we had to face some real problems. Because China's food and packaging machinery industry in a market economy was born, as opposed to China's machinery industry, food and packaging machinery industry 32 years later, so the industry is a naive, of course, develop rapidly, but there are indeed many deficiencies.

First, over-reliance on imports of sophisticated equipment

It is understood that two-way stretch plastic film equipment, a production line of the nearest $ 100 million, from the 1970s introduction, so far, the domestic import of such production line 110. There is extensive use of the dairy industry of aseptic packaging, bottling equipment, almost all of the Swedish company Tetra Pak, a provider of.

As we all know, the German packaging machinery in the measurement, manufacturing, technical performance are world class. The production of beer, beverage filling equipment production speed, high degree of automation and reliability.

Italian production of packaging machinery, 40% of food packaging machinery, such as candy packing machine, tea packing machine, filling machine. Product is characterized by elegant appearance, excellent performance, low price.

Japan's food packaging machinery, although mainly small stand-alone, but the devices are small, high precision, easy installation, easy operation, high degree of automation.

Good relative to the foreign advanced equipment, domestic food and packaging machinery is a little "powerless", and of course have a price advantage, but for some large enterprises, product quality is the first one, the device was made to meet the not the needs of enterprises, by contrast, companies would rather spend money to buy advanced equipment from abroad.

In this regard, some experts pointed out that although the introduction of a large number of advanced equipment greatly accelerated the pace of development of China's packaging industry, packaging industry in China to narrow the gap with the developed countries, but over-reliance on foreign technology and high-end technical equipment, is very conducive to China packaging industry to improve the overall level of technology is not conducive to the development of their intellectual property is not conducive to fostering their professional designers.

As the saying goes "we must first sharpen his tools", for food and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, enhance their skills, to create a quality of equipment, is the business bigger and stronger the last word, in order to improve the current status of over-reliance on foreign equipment.

Second, product innovation and research are lack of fault

China's food and packaging machinery industry in a market economy was born, as opposed to China's machinery industry, food and packaging machinery industry, 32 years later, with the industry than the total number of employees and enterprises, industry research institutes, tertiary institutions, the corresponding professional the proportion is still relatively small. Even so, after scientific research institutes to enterprises, most of its technical staff in the struggle for survival, many research institutions to sell products, do not play to their research strengths, so the application of new technology there is a fault. Even with new research results, because there is no ability to promotion, users do not know and can not translate into productivity, and business was forced to completely rely on its technology strength to develop new products.

Production and marketing of scientific research out of touch not only cause a huge waste, is not conducive to technological progress.

Some cutting-edge work, such as ultra-low temperature, high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, vacuum technology and equipment alone are unable to complete an institution in urgent need of businesses to invest capital. Used to promote the industry, academia, research combining the model not reflected in the limited research efforts have failed to fully play its role, making many companies are copying each other imitation, little improvement was turned into their own products.

Such products in addition to the price advantage in the international market and not much more competitive.

The author suggested that the industry research institutes, universities should make full use of their research resources together, the use of industry associations matchmaking, bringing new technologies to "marry out". Of course, this technique should be practical, to have better economic and social benefits.

Third, serious overlapping of small-scale enterprises

Most of China's small-scale food packaging business, the majority of enterprises in several annual output value between 1 million to 10 million, per capita labor productivity in the 10 million or less in most companies. According to statistics, every year nearly 15% of the conversion or closure of business, but there are 15% of companies have joined the industry, is extremely unstable. At the same time there is a requirement regardless of industry, repeating the production of those low-cost, technology level is relatively backward, easy to manufacture mechanical products, the industry currently has about 1 / 4 of the corporate existence of low-level repetitive phenomenon.

Survey shows that technology relatively early automatic sealing machine is only one place in Wenzhou, 100; process is simple and there are still companies in the production of coding machine, coding machine thermal production has been canceled by the state; the use of electric heating pancakes machine has very original, but still a lot of manufacturers; deep-fried fritters machine despite the oil filter and oil change problems, but also in rural and small town markets, manufacturers are still in production; filling, capping machine is also there Some primary products are still produced; more primary production also continued pressing machine and so on. This is a great waste of resources, resulting in food and packaging machinery market chaos situation, impede the development of the industry.

Editor's Note: digestion and innovation in order to break their own "day"

Current development, the prospects still gratifying, I believe that the domestic manufacturers are also confident. However, I think, to overcome the shortcomings, the advantages of digesting foreign products in order to innovate.

Today, China's food and packaging machinery is faced with the challenge of advanced products and competitive, but also faces enormous domestic and international markets and better opportunities for development. For food and packaging machinery industry can only continue to innovate to meet new challenges, the only constant in order to meet the new challenges based on the world.
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