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Packaging machinery industry as a whole works well
Recently, the China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, the Fourth Council of the fourth annual meeting was held in Wenzhou City. From across the country engaged in the packaging and food machinery teaching, research, production and trade management departments on behalf of about 500 people attended the meeting.
China Food and Packaging Machinery Association executive vice president what to do south summary of the work on the 2008 statement. He said when talking about the industry: In 2008, the international financial crisis economies have brought no small influence, China's economy also took a hit. However, China's food and packaging machinery industry as a whole works well. 2008 annual industrial sales output value of 126.2 billion yuan, an increase of 27.84%, of which 71.7 billion yuan of food machinery, packaging machinery 54.5 billion yuan, a year is the fastest growing in recent years. In addition to its duties in January, each month an increase of more than 20%. Industry-wide sales rate of 97%. 2008 new product output value 5.794 billion yuan, and in 2007 an increase of 18.72%, somewhat lower growth rate than in previous years, but the total profit over the previous year by 37.75%. Affected by the melamine incident, dairy equipment manufacturing enterprises have been seriously affected (in the second half almost no order), but were not subject to large losses. Many companies work hard to develop new products, industry leading technology, the emergence of a number of new products. Such as Chi Hing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Chaozhou developed without vacuum chamber vacuum packaging machine, and Germany (advanced model) a vacuum chamber vacuum packaging production line compared to the case in the same packaging quality, higher speed, energy consumption only Germany 12% of machines, machine covers only the very German 1 / 3, and made other models have a distinct advantage; Hualian Machinery Group Co., Ltd. developed the heavy bags of automatic packaging production line, from bags, packaging, palletizing to winding has been completed across the board no intervention; Crown Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Langfang one hundred 4-liter developed aseptic cold filling line has been normal use over six months, which is unique in the world. He described the association of south and work, exhibition information, international exchange, trade services and associations for the construction of the situation.
During the meeting, the organizers of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, the planning of the Industry Forum "to enhance, transcend, and development" is particularly wonderful. Hefei General Machinery Research Institute of Packaging Machinery Branch representative of the "challenges of the packaging machinery business development strategies," keynote address; Li Shujun president made a "China Packaging and Food Machinery of development," keynote address; China Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation Vice General Manager Liu Wenxiu made "the development of agricultural processing equipment, construction of new socialist countryside," the keynote address; representative of Siemens, "Siemens and packaging machinery industry and win-win," the keynote address.
Conference co-organizer of two, Hao-Yu Technology Co., Ltd. Chen Yongxian transit and Hualian Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Jiang Defu introduced the business development process. Jiang Defu, chairman of the development of enterprises in the conditions when it comes with the skin, hair adhere to liken the development of business relationships and social environment. Without reform and opening up policy, no national economic development of the situation, there is no well-developed upstream and downstream enterprises, there is no Hualian today. He summed up the feelings of all growing businesses in China the status quo.
During the meeting, delegates also inspected the two companies.
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