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RYFS-50I/II series of auto filling and sealing machines

RYFS-50I/II series of auto filling and sealing machines are widely used in the industries of toothpaste, cosmetics, medicines and food. It can fill and seal all sorts of pastes, latexes, oils and others with various types of laminate (ABL/PBL) tubes and plastic tubes. 

    This machine is highly automatic, which can automatically fill, seal, stamp batch numbers and exit tubes. Type RYFS-50I adopts outer heating, using two electric heating tubes, which controlled by four-channel temperature measuring and regulating meter. Type RYFS-50II adopts inner heating by using LEISTER air-heater,which imported from Switzerland. Stainless steel is adopted for the parts contacting with stuffs to endure erosion from acid and alkail. All the pipes are collected by quick bar clasp, which is convenient and quickly to be loaded and unloaded by hand. Stuff valve is cleaned easily and  thoroughly by using rotary valve. The position is installed precisely and smoothly  by adopting accuracy cam indexing mechanism. The user can adjust speed easily with the frequency conversion controller, which adopted on the rotating engine.
    Airproof changing hopper, heating hopper, auto charging can be equipped as demanded.


Technical parameters:
Power supply: 220VAC/50Hz
Power: 50I: 2.0KW;   50II: 3.3KW
Air Exhausion: 0.3-0.5cubic meter/min
Air supply: 0.6MPa
Filling capacity:  A  5-25ml adjustable;
                   B  15-150ml adjustable;
                   C  30-200ml adjustable
Tube diameter:   Dia. 16-40mm
Tube length: 70-200mm
Measuring precision:
Production ability: 30-50 pcs/min
Size: 1000
Weight: 300kg

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